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What is an impediment?

A: An impediment is like a wall or barrier to the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. It must have existed at the time the wedding took place. If it existed, the marriage was not sacramental. The annulment process is an investigation to see if such an impediment existed or not.

Again, if there was no impediment you are still married and will be married until you die. If an impediment existed, you were never sacramentally married from the beginning.

My brethren take two years to make this determination. I take about two or three weeks.

The question is this: Are you going to take the two years for this process or not? If you have the time, do it. If not, I am here to help you.

Note: If you have the intention to remarry, you probably want a valid priest present at your wedding. I do not think that you want to have an invalid Protestant minister or judge there, correct? Call me for assistance at 818 390 1452.

Blessings abundant,
+++David Leon Cooper
Metropolitan Archbishop

Impediments To A Valid Marriage

There are numerous impediments to a sacramental marriage. An impediment is like a wall or barrier that prevents a sacramental marriage from taking place. It can be spiritually lifted in some cases. This waiver or lifting is referred to as a dispensation. It must be done by a bishop'. For example, lack of baptism is an impediment; it is dispensable. Being too closely related by blood would be an impediment that is not dispensable. As a bishop, I grant dispensation for all of the dispensable impediments immediately upon request.

See: Roman Canons 87, 391, 1078 and 1086

Diriment Impediments

(One of these must be present to declare a marriage null.)

  1. No intention, when marrying, to have offspring
  2. Deception of one party by the other in order to get consent, and if the other had been aware of the truth, would not have consented to get married
  3. Abduction with the intent to force marriage
  4. Failure to adhere to canon law for marriages
  5. Impediment of Crime, murder of the spouse to marry another
  6. Undispensed defect of form, form being married in the presence of a priest or deacon and according to the required form of words.
  7. Force or grave fear
  8. Consanguinity (blood relationship that is too close)
  9. Psychological state hindering the ability to consent
  10. No intention, when marrying, to contract a lifelong relationship (pretending consent)

Note: Lack of Baptism is a serious impediment. It must be dispensed by a bishop. Also, adultery during the marriage could indicate a psychological state or lack of consent at the time of the marriage.

The Metropolitan Archbishop will review your petition and act immediately on your case within one week.