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About Us:

I want you to get married to the person you love, in a priest officiated wedding before your family, friends and loved ones in any location that you desire I have married couples in churches, chapels, garden settings, halls, homes or even on the beach.

I have officiated at hundreds of weddings of Roman Catholics. I have heard all of the stories and read their many letters to me. I never cease to be amazed at how many people the Roman Catholic Church is driving out of her doors. She has no idea how much damage is being done to the laity. In the United States, people are walking away from Her, dismayed and angry. They do not feel like they are being adequately served. Many have turned to me. I believe that it is my mission in life to help them. It is to these people and those that are close to them that I have dedicated this website and my labors.

+++ David L. Cooper, O.M.M., M.S.
Metropolitan Archbishop

+++David Leon Cooper Apostolic Succession

Independent proof of valid Apostolic Succession of +++David Leon Cooper via the George Bussmann line.