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Many people are dismayed by the annulment process of the Roman Catholic Church. They are annoyed at the voluminous requirements that an annulment consists of and simply do not want to participate in it. They just look at the application and quit. I have helped many of these couples.

What types of marriages require annulment?

  • Civil Marriages:
    • The Roman Catholic Church holds some civil marriages to be indissoluble. Many people think that since they were not "married in the Church," that there is no problem in now marrying another person inside the Church. The government could say that there was a marriage but the Church could say that one never existed. This determination is called an annulment. It is a process of determining whether or not a "marriage" ever existed.
  • Marriages Between two Protestants:
    • Marriage between two Protestants is totally "outside the Church." This fact is discovered by couples who want to be married inside the Church but one of the parties is a Protestant and was married to another baptized Protestant. They find that an annulment is required. Many Protestants are irritated and bewildered to find that they will have to submit to this exhausting, extensive, nosey, probing, paper process.
  • Divorced Catholic and Catholic:
    • For example, the groom has a previous marriage but will not proceed with an annulment. The bride's parents will not accept the marriage unless it is done by a priest. This is a common problem. I often help couples in this situation or in a similar one.

Acceptance Of The Annulment

An annulment is nothing more than a determination that a marriage was a non-marriage. A bishop can do this. It does not require a Tribunal unless canon (church) law requires it; a bishop can grant dispensations in canon law. Having Tribunals creates a great deal of work. Bureaucracies like to create work for themselves. It is an employment plan. Do not expect anyone who has their work taken away from them to be happy and accepting of it. What one should really want is acceptance by Almighty God. If your interest is in the spiritual process then you know where the acceptance is.

I am in many ways threatening to many of those of my narrow-minded Roman Catholic brethren. I am giving the people what they want and what they believe is right. They believe this in their hearts. So do l.

We know that a bishop carries effective power of Orders. I am a valid Bishop of God. I welcome anyone to examine my Orders. That is why I publish them so freely. It is that Apostolic Succession that gives us in the episcopacy our authority. It is a spiritual power that I believe in wielding vigorously in behalf of the Faithful. They and I know where the spiritual power to rule the Holy Church comes from: it is Christ', priesthood. When I use "we" and say that one is free to marry, it is a reference to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In this prayerful way, I set my hand and seal of my Office and set you free. The Truth will do that.

The truth is Our Lord Jesus Christ. He commissioned His Holy Apostles to feed the Church. The Successors of the Holy Apostles, the bishops, continue this work-•and the commission.

The Roman Church teaches that valid bishops can grant dispensations and administer all of the Sacraments. It does not matter what they politically accept-validity and power of Orders is undeniable.

If your primary interest is to have a priest officiate your marriage after a valid bishop grants your annulment, then you may come to me. I will not reject you. I will accept you and bless you.