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Do you want help?

Do you want an apostolic successor--a bishop--to review your case and make a pronouncement as to the status? Do you want to have this done quickly and without voluminous paperwork? Do you want to know quickly that you are not in mortal sin and can now have a priest at you wedding instead of an invalid Protestant minister?

I am here to help with this expedited hearing of your case.

Blessings abundant,
+++David Leon Cooper
Metropolitan Archbishop


You may have a valid marriage, even with a Nuptial Mass, regardless of:

  1. Divorce; (see notes)
  2. Lack of baptism;
  3. Different religions;
  4. Unmarried couples living together;
  5. Children from a previous marriage; and other reasons.

We will accept you as you are and will give you the assistance that you need and deserve. Rest assured that your situation will be addressed with the happiness of you and your families as a top priority.

Note: Our annulment process is easy and short. It is expedited. View the simple form posted on this site.


I am an ordained Orthodox Catholic bishop. How am I able to be of service to you in these matters, yet your local bishop may not?

Until 1054 AD the Catholic Church was one with the Orthodox. All Orthodox are considered to be separated sister Catholic Churches. The bishops carry effective power of Holy Orders via the Apostolic Succession.

The Roman Catholic Church then broke away, but acknowledges the validity of the Orthodox Church's:

  1. Apostolic Succession (Ordination); and,
  2. Sacraments.

Additionally, with regard to the Orthodox, Pope John Paul n himself has stated repeatedly, that they are:

" our Orthodox brothers of the Catholic faith which, by God's grace we share ...."


Unfortunately, many people take this mediocre option out of frustration without knowing that they have another one. By "mediocre option," I am talking about any wedding not officiated by a priest. It could be a Protestant minister, a Justice of the Peace or some fellow with a mail order ordination. It is certainly not the preferred choice for most couples in these predicaments. They just do not know of another way out of the gridlock that they are trapped in. They have no idea that it is quite possible to get a valid priest with a to officiate at their wedding. There are numerous reasons for this belief. Much of it lies in the rules, regulations, hierarchical biases, and canons of the Roman Catholic Church. It is such a bewildering system with its language and bureaucracy that many people are "turned off' by it. Couples are overburdened with it. Couples are too busy. There is, however, an alternative. It is one that the Roman Catholic Church will not discuss with the laity in need. The Orthodox Catholic Church presents a viable option, and it is one that a growing number of Roman Catholics are taking.


Having explained who we can help and why we can help, I will now explain how we can help.

I am a valid Bishop of God.

A bishop can grant dispensations. That means that he can remove the impediments to administration of the sacraments.. As a bishop, I grant dispensations for all of the dispensable impediments, including a prior marriage that meets the criteria.

Further, if you wish to have a priest officiate at your wedding, I will not reject you. I will accept you and bless you.

You may have the Nuptial Mass in any location you want. There is nothing in the matter and form of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony that limits the Nuptial Mass to inside the sanctuary.

I am dedicated to providing solutions for those who need them. Marriage is a very beautiful and serious institution. You and your loved one are entitled to the blessings and acceptance of the Church, your families and all your friends.

For your convenience, on this website there is a form to address the need of those with a previous marriage:

Ecclesiastical Petition for Dispensation and Decree of Nullity

If you prefer, you may also download or print these forms from our services page: Click Forms.

Your request will be addressed quickly..